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BBC News – Azhar Ahmed convicted of offensive Facebook message

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Dual and ugly face of Western media and law.

BBC News – Azhar Ahmed convicted of offensive Facebook message.

Isn’t it really pathetic??


Muslims for Peace – Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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Ahmadiyya Times: Point of view: Inflammatory anti-Muslim film and the US Constitution

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A good read from Ahmadiyya Times about inflammatory anti-Muslim film ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Ahmadiyya Times: Point of view: Inflammatory anti-Muslim film and the US Constitution.

Source: Ahmadiyya Times

From ‘Desert Warrior’ to ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ a controversial YouTube video is both catalyst and scapegoat

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In early July, a YouTube user known as “Sam Bacile” posted a trailer for Innocence of Muslims, a vicious spoof of the Prophet Muhammad. The fourteen-minute video wasn’t a particularly good advertisement for anything — in fact, it failed to mention the title of the film. And for some time, it was all but ignored. Then, in September, dubbed Arabic versions began to appear in the Egyptian media. Protests broke out in several countries, denouncing both the video and the Pope’s upcoming visit to Lebanon. And in Benghazi, Libya, armed attackers set fire to the US Consulate, killing US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.
The response was sudden. YouTube said the video was “clearly within our guidelines,” but it took the rare step of blocking it first in Egypt and Libya, then India, Indonesia, and other countries, sometimes after legal threats. YouTube itself was banned in some countries, most recently Pakistan. Although still available elsewhere, the English-language version was reposted several times with information about the protests or a simple “thumbs up for free speech.” The White House asked YouTube if it would review the video and remove it if necessary. Outlets from The Wall Street Journal toGawker tried to dig up information about Bacile, a mysterious figure who turned out to be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian on parole for bank fraud. While the video is certainly drawing ire, it’s not clear that protests provided more than cover for the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens. Unnamed US officials have told CNNthe Consulate faced a “clearly planned military-type attack,” and that “the video or 9/11 made a handy excuse.” It’s also been suggested that the attackers used these protests as a diversion. Whatever happened, we’re left with the question of how a poorly produced YouTube video can spark global controversy and be credited with causing the death of a US official. The trailer for Innocence of Muslims is on par with a lesser Ed Wood film, its cast solemnly debating sexual ethics in face paint and pasted-on beards. Outdoor scenes were clearly shot in front of a green screen, making actors appear to float above stock footage of a desert. If anything, though, the poor quality makes it more effective propaganda. It may not be revealing, thought-provoking, or competent, but Innocence of Muslims is indubitably insulting, depicting Muhammad as a hypocritical and bloodthirsty philanderer in a truly terrible costume.
Since the trailer gained infamy, it’s become evident that almost no one involved knew it was meant to be about Islam. Casting calls show that it was described during filming as a period piece called Desert Warrior, with Muhammad given the name of “Master George.” In the trailer, he’s usually referred to as “Master,” and any direct references to Islam are clumsily dubbed in after the fact. It’s easy to believe the actors when they say they were misled. At the same time, the undubbed parts of Innocence of Muslims wouldn’t be nearly as effective if they didn’t play off existing fears and beliefs about Islam, including the frequently repeated claim that the Prophet molested children. The film fits into a long narrative about protests over the depiction of Muhammad. But unlike The Satanic Verses, which has also drawn criticism from Muslims, there’s no larger message or artistic flourish behind the trailer. And unlike the famous Danish political cartoons from 2005, Innocence of Muslims wasn’t professionally published or circulated much outside YouTube. Instead, it’s a disposable piece of internet trolling, created for the sole purpose of generating outrage. It’s just gained an extraordinarily wide audience.
Given how unsympathetic Bacile / Nakoula is, it’s become easy to blame Innocence of Muslims for tension that may have already been building. When White House Press Secretary Jay Carney pushed for the video to be taken down, he told The Washington Post that “this is not a case of protest directed at the United States writ large or at US policy.” Recent events, he said, were “in response to a video, a film, that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.” One YouTube user who re-posted the film described it as the movie “that caused Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens,” succinctly summing up popular perception. As others have pointed out, it’s also simplistic. Coptic Christians like Nakoula have a tense relationship with Muslims in Egypt, and they’ve faced violence before. Both Egypt and Libya are still in the midst of major political transitions. And rising food prices could be contributing to unrest worldwide.
In some ways, Innocence of Muslims is the culmination of the internet’s role as a great leveler. YouTube can place tiny, self-published projects on equal footing with those made by traditional media outlets, and an anonymous or pseudonymous troll can claim to havestolen data from the FBI or hold Mitt Romney’s tax returns hostage. But the novelty and reach of online culture can also make it easy to exaggerate its importance, something that’s seen both in protesters’ insistence that the trailer is somehow condoned by the US and in the belief that Innocence of Muslims caused an attack that was likely planned for months. Even if YouTube bans Sam Bacile and his trailer, the numerous repostings, dubbed versions, and translations highlight the near impossibility of silencing offensive material once it has been released into the remix culture of the web. And the violence that followed is a reminder of how powerful online video can be at promoting an idea… or inciting populist outrage.

Anna Gurji & ‘Innocence Of Muslim: Horrified Actress Writes Letter Explaining Her Roles’

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The Huffington Post  |  By 

Anna Gurji Innocence Of Muslims

Anna Gurji starred in “Desert Warrior,” the film that was dubbed over and became “Innocence of Muslims.”

Anna Gurji is one of the actresses who starred in “Desert Warrior,” a movie that was supposed to be about tribal battles prompted by the arrival of a comet on Earth. Unfortunately, “Desert Warrior” was given a heavy dose of dubbing and post-production editing. The film is now known by a new, infamous name: “Innocence of Muslims.”

The anti-Islam movie, which now centers on a negative portrayal of Muhammad, has led to riots around much of the Arab world. After a series of bizarre twists involving false identities, the man behind the project has been identified as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a man with a criminal past that includes convictions on federal fraud and methamphetamine charges. Nakoula was taken in for questioning early Saturday morning, but was not under arrest.

In a letter posted on author Neil Gaiman’s website, Gurji makes explicit that she was not privy to Nakoula’s plans.

“There was no mention EVER by anyone of MUHAMMAD and no mention of religion during the entire time I was on the set,” she writes. “I am hundred percent certain nobody in the cast and nobody in the U.S. artistic side of the crew knew what was really planned for this ‘Desert Warrior.'”

The actress said that when “people [ask me what my reaction is] after seeing that,” she only has one word to offer: “shock.”

“Two hours after I found out everything that had happened I gave ‘Inside Edition’ an interview, the duration of which I could not stop crying,” she continues. “I feel shattered … It’s painful to see how our faces were used to create something so atrocious without us knowing anything about it at all.”

While Gurji fears for her safety, she has not gone into hiding. “I don’t know what else to do but speak the truth,” she said. “I will not go into hiding (since I have nothing to hide), because if we don’t speak the truth, there is no world worth living for.”

Alan Roberts, a softcore porn director, has been identified as the project’s director. It appears as though he was also duped into thinking he was working on “Desert Warrior.”


Ahmadiyya khalifa writes to Israeli PM

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Death of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani?

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The Holy Quran says:

“Alas for my servants! there comes not a Messenger to them but they mock at him.” (36:31)
وائے حسرت بندوں پر! ان کے پاس کوئی رسول نہیں آتا مگر وہ اس سے ٹھٹھا کرنے لگتے ہیں۔ سورۃ یٰس

It is surprising to note that this absurd allegation has no basis what-so-ever from the history. The Promised Messiah (peace be on him) had written 6 years before his death, in Tadhkiratush Shahadatain that he had complaints of diarrhea. No where in the Holy Quran or Hadith it is written that if someone dies due to weakness of diarrhea in his old age, he died a cursed death. May Allah open your eyes and you be able to recognize the Imam of the Age. Ameen. Here we copy a page from the book Seertul Mahdi written by Hadhrat Musleh Mauood which describes the last few days and death of His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah (peace be on him). It is clear from the record of all eye-witnesses that Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be on him)died on his bed with his last words: Allah.

یہ حیرانی کی بات ہے کہ تاریخ سے اسے بیہودہ الزام کا کوئی بھی جواز موجود نہیں۔ حضرت مرزا غلام احمد قادیانی نے اپنے وصال سے چھ سال پہلے اپنی کتاب تذکرۃ الشہادتین میں لکھا تھا کہ آپ کو پرانی دستوں کی بیماری ہے۔ اب کیا کسی قرآنی آیت یا حدیث میں یہ لکھا ہے کہ کوئی عمر رسیدہ شخص دستوں کی کمزوری سے وفات پاجائے تو وہ لعنتی موت ہوگی؟ اللہ تعالٰی آپ کی آنکھیں کھولے اور وقت کے امام کو پہچاننے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے۔آمین۔ ذیل میں ہم حضرت مصلح موعود کی کتاب سیرۃ المہدی کے ایک صفحہ کا عکس پیش کررہے ہیں جس میں حضرت مسیح موعود و مہدی موعود علیہ السلام کے آخری دنوں کے واقعات اور وفات کا واقعہ درج ہے۔

تمام افراد جو وہاں پر موجود تھے ان سب کی ایک ہی گواہی ہے کہ آپ نے بستر پر اپنی جان جانِ آفریں کے سپرد کی اور آپ کی زبان پر آخری لفظ ’ اللہ ‘ تھا۔

Now a question
 from those who believe in such absurdity: What were you doing in the toilet? If you were not present there, then who told you about it? If your mullah was present there, was he working there to clean the toilet? Please provide record of his employment there. If you can not do that, then fear Allah.

اب ایک سوال ان لوگوں سے جو ، اُس مُلائیت کی اندھی تقلید میں جس سے آنحضرت صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے امت مسلمہ کو خبردار کیا تھا، اس قسم کے لچر اعتراضات کو ہی اسلام مانتے ہیں۔ جناب آپ کیا یہ بتانا پسند فرمائیں گے کہ آپ حضرت مرزا صاحب کی وفات کے وقت وہاں کیا کررہے تھے؟ اگر آپ وہاں موجود نہیں تھے تو کیا آپ کے مولوی صاحب وہاں صفائی ستھرائی کاکام سرانجام دے رہے تھے؟ اگر ایسا نہیں تو کچھ خدا کا خوف کھائیے اور جھوٹے مولویوں سے بچ کر رہیے ورنہ آپ اپنا دین برباد کردیں گے۔

A similarity with Jesus son of Mary a.s.

Since Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad peace be upon him was appointed Promised Messiah by Allah (swt) in Muslim Ummah similar to Jesus son of Mary a.s. was appointed to Ummah of Hadhrat Moses a.s.. This very objection by the opponents of The Promised Messiah on the death of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad peace be upon him is similar to the objection on Jesus son of Mary. The Jews also claim they killed Jesus son of Mary a.s. on the cross and he died a cursed death. (Nauzobillah)

This is another sign for the believers!

حضرت عیسٰی بن مریم علیہ السلام سے مماثلت

حضرت مرزا غلام احمد قادیانی علیہ السلام کو اللہ تعالٰی نے امت مسلمہ میں مسیحا کے طور پر مبعوث فرمایا جیسا حضرت عیسٰی بن مریم کو موسوی امت میں مسیحا کے طور پر مبعوث فرمایا تھا۔ اور بہت سی مماثلتوں کے علاوہ (جن کی وجہ سے ہی مسیح موعود کو عیسٰی بن مریم کہا گیا) یہ وفات پر اعتراض بھی مماثلت ہے ۔ یہودی بھی حضرت عیسٰی بن مریم علیہ السلام پر یہ جھوٹا الزام لگاتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے آپ کو صلیب دے کر لعنتی موت کے گھاٹ اتارا (نعوذباللہ) ۔ اسی طرح مُلاؤں نے حضرت مسیح موعود علیہ السلام کی وفات کے متعلق بھی جھوٹا قصہ گھڑ کر مذاق اُڑایا۔

یہ مماثلت بھی مومنین کے لئے ایک اور نشان ہے

The death of his Holiness, on whom be peace

He always had complaints of diarrhea. This disease worsened on his arrival in Lahore, and since there were hordes of people who were ever present to meet with him, he did not have a chance to rest and recuperate. He was in this state when he received this revelation “Arabic: arraheelo summa arraheelo” that is ‘the time for departure has arrived, again the time for departure has arrived’. This revelation worried many who were present there, but right then they received news from Qadian of the demise of an affectionate friend, and people thought that this revelation was with regards to this person and thus felt relieved, but when he (The Promised Messiah a.s) was asked, he said that this revelation concerned someone very important to the community, and was not regarding the person who had died. The revelation caused anxiety to mother, who one day suggested that we go back to Qadian, but he replied ‘going back to Qadian is not within our means anymore. Only if God takes us could we go.’ But despite this revelation and his ailment, he continued to work, and even in this state of bad health he proposed to deliver a lecture to promote peace and harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims, and had even started writing the lecture, and gave it the name “Paigham e Sulah” (The Message of Peace). This worsened his condition and made him weaker and his diarrhea became even worse. One the night preceding the day this lecture was completed he received another revelation

[ persian ]

that is, ‘do not trust the mortal age’. He told everyone in the house about this revelation right then and said that it was regarding his own self. The lecture finished that day and it was handed out to be printed. At night he passed loose excrements and was gripped with extreme weakness. Mother was woken up. By the time she got up, his condition was extremely weak. Mother worrisomely asked what had happened to him? He replied “same thing that I used to tell you” (that is the ailment of death). He passed another loose excrements and the weakness worsened. He asked for Maulvi Nooruddin sahib (Maulvi Nooruddin, as has been said above, was a reputable physician). Then he asked for Mahmood (the writer of these lines) and Mir sahib (his father in law) to be woken up. My bed was only a little distance from his, and when I woke up I saw him to be in a state of immense ailment. The doctors came and started medication but that didn’t improve his state. At last some medication was given via injection after which he went into sleep. When it was morning, he woke up to say his prayers. His throat was so weak that when he tried to speak no words came out. At this he asked for pen but couldn’t write either and the pen fell from his hand. After this he lied down and in a little while he was overcome by unconsciousness and around 10:30 in the morning his soul appeared before that True Emperor for the sake of serving Whose religion he had spent his entire life. Innalillah e wa inna ilayhe rajioon (indeed we are from Allah and to Him is our return). All through his ailment, there was one word constantly on his lips, and that word was “Allah”.

The news of his demise spread throughout Lahore at lightening speed. Members of the community living at different places were telegraphed with this news, and on the same evening or the next morning the newspaper delivered the news of the death of this great person all over India. Whereas the grace with which he had dealt with his adversaries will always be remembered, that happiness cannot be forgotten which was celebrated by his opponents at his death. A mob of Lahorites gathered within half an hour around the house in which his blessed body was present, and showed its narrow-mindedness by singing songs of jubilation. Some had donned weird costumes to show off their wickedness.


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