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Destroying Education System in Pakistan

The Federal Government of Pakistan and The Punjab Government have joined hands in destroying the education system in Pakistan. Federal government is trying to end up with HEC (Higher Education Commission) which has been applauded home and abroad for its job well done in the progress of higher education. The universities in the country increased as well as the number of Ph.D’s in the country as compared with the number a few years before. The funds allocated to HEC are being diverted un-productive departments. The duties of HEC are being allocated to those who have no idea of the job done by HEC.

Punjab Government on the other hand have decided to change the medium of education in all the schools in the province. I don’t know how the teachers who don’t even properly teach in Urdu will be able to teach in English. The books have been printed in English but the teachers have not been trained to teach in English.

I am sure that the next coming government will again change to Urdu medium because the students in rural area who are more than 60 percent of the lot will definitely show very poor results. Thus the number of students reaching Matric level will drastically reduce.

In fact a group of elites do not want a common man to come to their level. They are trying hard to let the common man remain behind in education and nobody to compete them.

God save Pakistan

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