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The way the things are narrated it clearly looks that a drama has been staged to pressurize Pakistan. Al Qaida is an enemy not only to USA but also to Pakistan, because Pakistan has tried its best to destroy Al Qaida. A lay man can see that the way the story goes is nothing but a plot. How is it possible that a person is living in a place close to an army installation and the army intelligence is unaware of this. It is the fault of Pakistan government that the supported the US claims without any argument. Pak Government has degraded its armed forces by collaborating with US one sided action in Abbotabad. The Government should have consulted the army high command before giving any comments or verdict on Abbotabad incident. I don’t think there is an iota of truth in the statements given by US officials. If at all they had arrested Asama, they should have published the photographs or clips of the incident. Not only this but they even gave lame excuses for not giving his dead body to his family or Pak government. And claimed that for fear of agitation afterwards, his body was sunk in deep waters of sea. Only God knows if it was Asam’s body or a coffin filled with earth or stones.


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