Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was able to create a new state in subcontinent against all odds. At that time most of the Muslim sects were supporting  All India Congress for a united India. Only Ahmadiyya Muslim sect was with All India Muslim League in its struggle for a separate homeland for the Muslims of  India. Then head of Ahmadiyya Jamaat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad through his messages and speeches tried to assure the Muslims of India that it was their duty to support the cause of All India Muslim League. He helped and guided Quaid e Azam with his prayers and advices. When Pakistan came into being All those Muslim leaders who opposed the creation of a new state migrated here and started their efforts to destabilize the new born state with the financial help of there mentors. Unfortunately  Quaid e Azam passed away when Pakistan was just one year old. Now all the opponents of Pakistan saw the chance to destabilize and to merge this state again with India. Their major target was Ahmadiyya Jamaat. All their efforts resulted in first partial Martial law in Lahore to suppress the agitations against Ahmadiyya Jamaat, which were in fact efforts to to fail the then government. This tug of war between the “new born” politicians resulted in country wide Martial law by Gen. Ayub Khan. Ayub Khan ruled Pakistan for about 11 years and the country became stable and started its journey towards progress and prosperity. But those who did not like this progress again started their efforts and thus they were able to start agitations against Ayub government. A minister in Ayub government disagreed to some of the policies of then government and joined rather led the agitations. As a result another General Yahya Khan deposed Ayub Khan and took over. As a result of chaos the eastern wing of Pakistan became a separate independent state. Remaining half part was taken over by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (who led the riots against Ayub government) as a first ever civilian martial law administrator. On the basis of the elections held by Yahya government in united Pakistan, Bhutto called the National Assembly members of this half now called Pakistan in session and asked them to draft a constitution for the country.

Not many days passed after unanimously getting passed this constitution from National Assembly that a lot of  hue and cry started against Ahmadiyya Jamaat apparently backed by the Bhutto government. to subside this agitation Bhutto called the National Assembly session and declared it a committee to question the Head of Ahmadiyya Jamaat and to give a verdict about the Jamaat. The session continued for abut two weeks. At the end of  the session Bhutto got an already prepared document  signed by all the members of National Assembly according to which the Ahmadis were declared “Non-Muslims according to the constitution”. An amendment in the constitution was promulgated to this effect called as 2nd amendment. A unique decision of its kind taken by any parliament of the world. The Ahmadies did not accept this decision but at the same time did not take any legal step because it would be just useless.  Unfortunately this immoral and unjustified act of  Bhutto could not strengthen and prolong his reign. Because the “Mullahs” again started agitation against his government. As a result another martial law was imposed by Gen. Zia ul Haq. Afterwards he was tried and hanged in accusation to the murder of one of his opponent.  Zia ul Haq having a “Mullah’s” mentality, from very first day stated showing his enmity towards  Ahmadiyya Jamaat. To sum it up he promulgated an ordinance according to which it became an offense for an  Ahmadi to call himself a Muslim. A clause of three years imprisonment and fine was included in Pakistan Penal Code to this effect. As a result the Head of Ahmadiyya Jamaat had to migrate to London. He ruled the country for about 11 years and died in a plane crash. Peoples Party and Muslim League ruled the country one after the other but no party could complete its tenure. Every time the government was toppled and new elections were held Ahmadies were  asked to take part in elections as non-Muslims to which Ahmadiyya Jamaat did not agree and thus they were kept out of country politics.

And those who were against coming into being of Pakistan they came out in disguise as well wishers of the country. They knew that Ahmadies are loyal citizens of the country and will not like and allow any move to destabilize the country, so they started demanding that Ahmadies be removed from key positions. Thus one by one Ahmadies were taken away from all key positions and these positions were ironically filled by the people from Jamaat i Islami and other sections of heretic Muslims. Who did everything to make this country a failed state.

The interesting thing is that if anything was done for the progress and prosperity of the country, it was during the rule of Gen. Ayub Khan or Gen Pervez Musharraf who are called dictators by all the politicians.  Specially Peoples Party tried to take credit of every thin good done by these two i.e. Ayub and Musharraf.

After very briefly narrating the political development in Pakistan I try to the conclude that why Pakistan is going through this turmoil and there seems to be no way out of this day by day worsening situation.

Hadhrat Profit Muhammad (PBUH) said that When Allah Almighty want to punish any people cruel and careless rulers are appointed over them who will not care for anybody but themselves. That is the situation we are observing nowadays. Z.A.Bhutto in an attempt to solidify his rule used the National Assembly as a rubber stamp to get the decision of his own choice i.e. to declare Ahmadies as non-Muslims. As a result he became the only example in the world of a ruler deposed and crucified. Then Gen. Zia ul Haq went a step forward to promulgate an ordinance against Ahmadies the the cannot do anything to pose themselves as Muslims. The Head of Ahmadiyya Jamaat had to migrate to London. As a result of this ordinance a number of  had been martyred or put behind bars. Allah Almighty observers all actions and deeds of His creation. But He is Merciful and Forgiving. He gives time to transgressors and they think that nothing will happen to them. But when His time comes He punishes such people in a way that the world remembers. Zia ul Haq was boarding a C130 plane which is thought to be the safest plane. But He who is creator of everything in the universe has all the power. Zia’s plane exploded in the air and nothing was left of him and those accompanying him.

If one ponders over the deaths of these two strong rulers of Pakistan, it appears that these two defied Allah and His great Prophet Muhammad PBUH who prophesied a messenger similar to Prophet Jesus in Muslim Ummat. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that if any one  comes to know of Mehdi and Messiah, he should go to him to offer him my greetings even if he has to crawl over snow mountains to reach there. But these to against all odds defied all these teachings of  Prophet Muhammad PBUH and did there best to put Ahmadiyya Jamaat (who believe that Mehdi and Messiah has come in person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) to trial and crucifixion and as a result reached their tragic end.

To conclude I will have to say that since National Assembly consists of representatives of the people of Pakistan, the decision of declaring Ahmadis non-Muslims will be taken as a collective decision of whole nation. Therefore consequences of this unjustified decision should be bore by whole nation. This is what we are seing now with our naked eyes. The situation will continue to deteriorate until something is done to nullify this decision. May Allah help the people in power to think sensibly so that the country comes out of the turmoil and moves on the path of progress and prosperity. Amen.

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