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There is a lot of hue and cry about Asama’s death. A lame person like me has a lot of doubts about all this. I think that it was all just a drama to pressurize Pakistan and its government. There are so mane contradictory versions about the operation. there are conflicting statements about the number of people killed or arrested during the operation. There are contradictory reports of the happenings in Abbotabad. Sometime Obama claims to watch all the operation via satellite, sometimes he comes out with a totally different version. Sometimes it is said that Asama was killed after an exchange of gunfire. Sometimes it is said that Asama had no weapon in his hands when his residence was ambushed. Then if at all he was killed whether after an exchange of fire or without it then it was necessary that his body was shown on media so that world had no doubts about his demise. Contrarily his body was secretly sunk in the depth of see. This action also puts so many doubts in the minds of sane people. As far as I could conclude from all this drama was that Asama was killed somewhere else may be in Afghanistan and to pressurize Pakistan this drama was staged to show that he was hiding in Pakistan and was killed there. There is another conclusion to it that US no more needed the threat of Asama and wanted a drop seen. Since 9/11 only one photograph are picture of Asama has been shown every where in media. Even his picture after death seems to be a little distorted version of the same picture. The facts are always facts and they cannot be distorted by dramas and cooked stories.


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