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Attack on Ahmadiyya Mosques

On Friday, 28th May, 2010 two mosques in Lahore came under extremists attack. About 90 people were martyred and more than 100 became injured. It took more than 5 hours before police were able to clear both premises clear of attackers. For some time now nobody in Pakistan is safe at the hands of the extremists but the Ahmadies are special victims. Many Ahmadi doctors, teachers, businessmen were martyred individually. Sometime ago a mosque in Mandi Bahauddin Dstrict was attacked and more than 10 people were gunned down. Recently in Faisalabad 3 businessmen were gunned down while on there way home from their shop. Apart from today’s incidence not even a single murderer was arrested and brought to book. Ahmaies are peaceful and loyal community. They don’t fight anybody. They just express theie own point of view and that’s all. It is Ahmadiyya belief that anybody who shows enimity towards Ahmadies God Almighty Himself will take its revenge. Therefore Ahmadies don’t take revenge themselves and leave there case to God Almighty. In all this turmoil against Ahmadies government’s indifference is very painful. We pray to Allah for the martyrs and their grieved families. Ahmadies follow the teachings of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who has said
گالیاں سن کے دعا دو پا کے دکھ آرام دو

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